Specialist web sites Specialist web sites are typically for managing activities such as Recruitment, Estate Agency, regulated financial services such as buy to let mortgage lending, document management to meet various open information standards, reference sites, photographic archives, travel services such as skiing, charity events etc. Specialist web sites can be as simple as a five page non-interactive web site costing a few hundred pounds or can utilise all the features of our CMS sites plus extra facilties programmed in using JavaScript such as area agent searches or fast track ordering pages for limited product ranges such as gardening products, embroidered club clothing or company workwear. A specialist web site can start with just one announcement page and develop from there. Typical features might include: A Google-friendly splash page. Any number of internal menus and links. A number of information pages. Contact page with contact form. Pages for Help, Trading terms, site map, links etc. Document download capability e.g. PDF files. Optional Image Galleries. Optional Forums. Specific interactive applications pages. Integrated features of our CMS systems.

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